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You can download and try out the demo version of Virtual Masonic Organist for free, the demo version is fully functional and allows you to evaluate the software before purchasing a license. There is no limit such as 30 days, however each piece of music is limited to play for only 10 seconds, nevertheless this gives you a great opportunity to give 
Virtual Masonic Organist a through assessment for your lodge meet musical requirements.

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This is a one-off lifetime payment, no re-occuring costs, and all updates are FREE forever!

To purchase on iPad, iPhone or iPod, simply tap the Settings icon and use the Buy Now button in the app.

To purchase on a Windows PC, please use the ADD TO CART button below to make your purchase.

What you get for your money?
  • A unique serial number to remove the 10 second play limit.
  • A link to download the full versions of the music files for use with Virtual Masonic Organist.
  • Free updates forever!

When purchasing the Virtual Masonic Organist, your unique Activation Code is required. P
lease refer to section 14 of the user guide to find out how to obtain your Activation Code. You can access the user guide by clicking the Help menu, and selecting Show Help Topics from within the trial version of Virtual Masonic Organist.

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