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About “Virtual Masonic Organist”

I am Mike Bassett and am currently the Secretary of Heene Lodge of Peace and Concord No.6350 in the Province of Sussex.

As Secretary one is in the forefront of the running of a Lodge, and the first to be aware of any situations that might interfere with its smooth operation.

One of the problems constantly facing many Lodges just about now is the lack of 
available masonic organists to play at our masonic meetings, add to this the cost of having a guest organist, and you can understand the issues we now face.

The music that so enhances our Ceremonies and Festive board is in decline but must not be allowed to disappear.

With all this in mind I decided to investigate what options might be available, and found that apart from some masonic music on CD there is little else. So I approached A-Lab Software Limited, and invited them to come up with a computer software program that would enable someone (basically anyone) to play the relevant music as would a “live organist”

My prerequisite to A-Lab Software Limited was that the program must be:

1. Simple to operate.
2. Able to be customised by the owner to suit particular preferences.
3. To work on latest Microsoft Windows operating systems i.e. XP, Vista and Win 7.

The Virtual Masonic Organist became a reality, and the result far exceeded my expectations!

Please take a look at this quick demonstration video on YouTube, which shows how easy Virtual Masonic Organist is to use!

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