Virtual Masonic Organist
Fulfilling your Masonic musical needs!

Now available on iPad, iPhone & iPod devices, as well as Windows computers!

The Virtual Masonic Organist is a computer software program and mobile app which as the name suggests has been designed to replicate a Lodge Organist, the interface makes it easy to operate by anyone who is acquainted with the basic operating knowledge of a Windows based computer, or an iOS device, such as an iPad or iPhone.

Virtual Masonic Organist provides musical accompaniment to all Craft Lodge Ceremonies, and other features of Regular Lodge meetings.

For mobility purposes it is best installed and used on a Laptop computer, or an iPad.

Please refer to the Product page for more details about the Virtual Masonic Organist.

Virtual Masonic Organist is now fully compatible with MasonicMEDIA music library. In fact they have the worlds' largest archive of Masonic music available anywhere, and you can play and control all their music with Virtual Masonic Organist! Find out more here...

NEW Checkout the support tutorial articles showing you how to upload music onto your iOS device from your computer and CD's with iTunes

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